Eric Hiller is the Managing Partner of Hiller Associates

NOTE:   Hiller Associates is currently not offering services in these areas.  This website is solely for learning in the areas of product cost management, should-cost, design-to-value, and value engineering / value analysis.

Managing Partner

Managing partner of Hiller Associates, the leading consulting firm specializing in Product Cost Management (PCM), should-cost, design-to-value and software product management.


Eric was the co-founder and founding CEO of two high technology start-ups: aPriori (the world’s premier provider product cost management software) and End Around.


Mr. Hiller holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, where he earned 2nd Year Honors and won the HBS Business Plan Contest.


From Chicago, IL, Hiller Associates’ Managing Partner; Eric Hiller shares his experience as a consultant and corporate executive. He specializes in operational and process improvements, while also gives insight to software and hardware product management.

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Product cost management tool overview: Galorath’s SEER suite of costing solutions (Part 2) — Use cases, implementation, ROI and summary analysis

Hello there, spend analytics / Product Cost Management crowd. Welcome to Part 2 of this Spend Matters PRO series on Galorath’s SEER suite of software tools for product cost modeling.

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Over the last few weeks, I have spoken with some of the senior executive team at Galorath Inc., a firm that has been on the forefront of knowledge-based project and product cost estimation for over 40 years.

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We have all been in a meeting where miscommunication happens. One of the biggest challenges when dealing with analytics in business is that the more powerful the analytics, the harder it is to explain to other people not involved directly in the analyzing.

aPriori: Product Cost Management tool spotlight (Part 2) — Use Cases, Depth of Solution, ROI, Summary Analysis

Part 2 of this Spend Matters PRO series will look at an array of use cases for aPriori’s capabilities in product cost management. It also will include profiles of who should use the solution, the depth and breadth of the solution, how quickly aPriori can return value, and a summary analysis.

aPriori: Product Cost Management tool spotlight (Part 1) — Solution Overview

It feels like a long time since then in so many ways because of the coronavirus pandemic, but we are moving forward with our series. What’s the Price was on one end of the spectrum as a top-down, index-based costing tool focused on the “everyman” buyer’s needs.

Bringing up Baby, the Lean and Agile Way

Coronavirus has changed a lot of things in America—especially in urban areas, where there are heightened precautions. It is even more chaotic when you have your first newborn baby, like my wife and me.

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