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Managing partner of Hiller Associates, the leading consulting firm specializing in Product Cost Management (PCM), should-cost, design-to-value and software product management.


About Eric Hiller

Eric Hiller is the Managing Partner of Hiller Associates. He is an experienced corporate executive and consultant, specializing in operational / process improvement, software and hardware product management and customer insights, and design-to-value (DtV), should-cost,
and product cost management.

Mr. Hiller was a senior expert and engagement manager at McKinsey & Company, delivering over half a billion dollars of savings to the tens of clients he served. Internally in McKinsey, he was the leader in of the firm’s internal global data sharing strategy and on the executive board of McKinsey’s Cleansheet cost management software.

Previous to McKinsey, Mr. Hiller ran his own consulting firm serving Fortune 500 companies in cost management, product development, purchasing, sourcing, and supply chain. Mr. Hiller was the founding CEO and then Chief
Product office of two start-ups: Tada.today, an online supply chain design and dashboard solution, and www.aPriori.com which is the world leader in automated feature-based CAD-to-cost analytics and product cost management software.

Mr. Hiller holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School and a MS of engineering from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Eric Hiller Interview on IdeaMensch

I had spent almost a decade as the Founder, CEO, and then Chief Product Officer of aPriori. I was always trying to help people improve product profit, by providing the world’s first and still most cutting-edge 3D CAD-to-cost software and Product Cost Management solution to purchasing and product development.